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The mission of Stoughton Affordable Transportation Program is “to

facilitate the self-sufficiency of persons whose incomes are

moderate, near the poverty level or within federal guidelines for poverty, by providing transportation services and/or resources to address their personal needs.”
(By-Laws of Stoughton Affordable Transportation Program)


We seek to improve the coordination of existing local transportation services by identifying gaps in local transportation services and developing mechanisms to fill those gaps. For example, Stoughton ATP provided 298 roundtrip rides in 2023, 260 roundtrip rides in 2022, and 123 roundtrip rides in 2021. 


  • Regional transportation between Stoughton and Madison 

  • Local resources within the Stoughton community 

*These locations include local food and personal essential pantries, medical and/or dental appointments, legal appointments, housing and employment appointments, Stoughton Area Senior Center, Stoughton City Hall, Stoughton Health Rehabilitation Center, the Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.


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