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1.  A client requested a ride to the Dane County Job Center to inquire about filling out an employment application. She mentioned that the last two times she attempted to go there to do the same thing, she was unable to find transportation, leaving her unable to sign up for employment. We arranged a trip for her to arrive upon opening of the center, waited two hours for her to complete her application, and returned home to Stoughton. A week later, we arranged to take her back to the Job Center. On her ride home to Stoughton, she told the driver she had been accepted for employment and thanked us for filling her need. 


2.  A client called for a ride to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a personal identification card, which would assist her in completing her application for benefits. ATP took her to her appointment, she received her ID Card, and she told her driver that this would help her obtain employment.


Institutional Testimonials:

“Stoughton Health recognizes to improve the health of our community we need to address barriers keeping people from getting the health and wellness services they may need. People may have a hard time getting to appointments because they can’t drive, their car needs repair or they can’t afford gas or insurance.  


The Affordable Transportation Program is here to help people get to the appointments they so vitally need.” -Laura Mays, Executive Director of Stoughton Hospital Foundation


*ATP is using these testimonials with permission.

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